Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It is time....

For everything there is a time and a season...Ecclesiastes 3. I remember a song based on that scripture. I have not really studied that entire chapter. Reading it just now I sympathize with the author.
Roger and I are approaching our one year anniversary. It is amazing! I have no doubt God has blessed me with this man. He truly completes me and fills so many needs in my life. He came along at the right time and God brought us together. I am so glad I did not let fear keep me from reaching out and claiming that blessing!
As I have embraced marriage and changed jobs both in the same year, I feel like I have lost a lot of time and I know there are things I use to do that I don't do anymore.
It is time for me to move forward in some areas I feel I have somewhat neglected. One area is exercise! I have got to find that ten to twenty minutes a day! Sitting at a desk ten and eleven hours a day is killing me!
More important I need to find a feeding place in His word. I haven't not been in His word this past year. I have my quiet time each day. I just have not found that steak lately that I can chew and savor for a while. Do you know what I mean?
Do you find yourself at times merely existing? It is not that I have stopped doing.... I just feel like I have stopped making progress. So I ask myself the question Why?
Do you feel the Holy Spirit alive in your life? Or are you merely existing? Is it time? Where are you feeding? Would love some suggestions!

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