Friday, December 6, 2013

This is TOO GOOD!!

After eight years of single-mom-hood, I re-connected with a high school classmate who turned out to be the LOVE OF MY LIFE!  For eight years I prayed to my GOD and argued about HIS words in Genesis where HE saw that it WAS NOT GOOD for MAN to be alone and thus HE created WOMAN.  And GUESS WHAT??!!  SHE was NEVER alone :)  Adam was already there.  Well you see who finally won that argument AFTER SHE surrendered to HIM all the baggage being divorced had left her holding.

As part of my love's life, I also inherited two SONS.  I had only had daughters before so I truly did not know the blessing I was receiving.  Baby Boy had been lost in a life of drugs for six plus years at the time of our marriage.  Hubby had not spoken to him in that length of time.  It was a sad, sad story and thus I began to pray for my God to heal Hubby's heart and mend the broken relationship between Hubby and  both boys that happened as a result of their loss of Hubby's first wife to a three year battle with Cancer.

Finally after TWO YEARS of prayer, my GOD put Baby Boy in jail at the end of his rope needing help with Hubby and I his last resort.  He was only looking for a way out and had used up all other avenues possible.  Because of my GOD's divine intervention I now have a SON who needs me and I can look him in the eye and tell him how much I love him and will always be here for him, even when I don't like him and the stupid choices he is making.

Baby Boy and I had lunch yesterday and I am in AWE of the words God put in my mouth to speak to Baby Boy.  Baby Boy has not accepted JESUS as his personal Savior and is seeking his "revelation".  He wants to come to church Sunday.  I love him and want him to see how much My God loves him and wants to bless him if he will only BELIEVE.

God is amazing and truly at work here.  I would so appreciate your prayers on his behalf.  I have a reminder to help you remember to pray for Baby Boy.  Ask me when I see you to give you one.

Awed by HIS mercy and grace,