Monday, May 18, 2009


Aaahhhhh...I love the sound of the waves....the smell of the ocean....the breeze.... I have looked forward to this week with much anticipation. This past year, actually two years, have been tough. But God is faithful and once again HE has shown up. Ask and HE will answer. This week at the beach, I took with me two books, Nightmares Echo and Beauty for Ashes. God spoke to me through both books. I keep letting my past hinder my present. But I am thankful that I am on the road to recovery. Part of the healing is realizing and then with much prayer God will bless. Even as I was reading this week, I came under attack by a previous oppressor in my life. My initial response was the same fear and paralyzing of my brain. I could not even respond but just went into withdrawal. God has blessed me with such wonderful Gigs(girlfriends in God). I called one on the phone and she was in the perfect place to pray with me over the phone. As she prayed, the curtain of fear was lifted and I realized that the enemy was gaining ground with my fear. It was not the appropriate response. God is bigger than my enemy and HE will prevail. In the book, Beauty for Ashes, Joyce Meyer talks about all of the doors we pass through during our period of oppression and how God has to take us back through those same doorways to deliver us from their hold. So I know which door this one is and I want victory, not revenge. As I continued in my other study, God spoke about letting HIM vindicate. So I've given it to HIM and am trusting HIM to deliver and work. His peace is flooding my soul. What a wonderful way to end a vacation...and I still have a three day weekend! Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I want to stay here...

So I started this new bible study a week ago with a group of ladies at church. It is a Beth Moore study, Stepping UP. And to quote Beth, "The way up with GOD is DOWN". To explain this, we have been encouraged to find time EVERY DAY to go down on our FACE before God. What an experience! The difference in perspective...who HE is and who I am in HIS sight. What a change! I love JESUS!
I also have a new motto that I want to hang on my wall.....a friend had a baby and she has this painted and hung above her daughter's bed..."I've met my Prince and his name is Daddy" I thought that was pretty cute but during this study we were reminded what a Prince we have in Jesus. I want to paint it and put it there to see every day....I've been searching and searching and my Prince has been there waiting all see, I've met MY PRINCE....and HIS name is JESUS!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's time...

We leave Saturday for the annual pilgrimage to the BEACH. I personally can not wait. I think I feel the closest to God there with the sun, sand, and waves. I have a lot to process from this past year and am just looking forward to the God time. I am at such a wonderful place in life right now and I thank GOD for all that HE has done and continues to do for me.
Mother's Day was wonderful. I have so much to be thankful for. We enjoyed family dinner together Saturday night and then Sunday with more family. Shanna and Kylea got me a beautiful necklace with their names and birthstones. We spent time together. Both are doing very well in college! I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters of which I could not be more proud.
Life is so good!