Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Prayer Answered

So I worked this week on Tuesday and Friday. What a surprise when I arrived Tuesday and he had already filled my position. She appears to be a very nice lady and works two other jobs as well. She also has two almost grown children. She worked with me both days and I can leave with peace now. I am definitely leaving him in a better position than when I arrived. I can't say I have not made any mistakes because I know that I am not perfect but I have done my best. And hopefully I have made a positive impact. Thanks for praying....God always hears and answers...
So now it is on with life and the next adventure. Not sure what lies ahead but I know that God will guide and direct my path. Have you ever experienced that question in your heart, am I doing all that I am suppose to do? I understand that God leads and guides. Some times I just question my ability to hear what He is saying. When I look back at some of the decisions I have made, I know that I prayed and sincerely sought His will and way, so how did I go so wrong? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Quitin Time

So I gave my notice and only have two weeks left. My prayer is that these next two weeks are uneventful other than accomplishing a lot of work. He does not appear to be accepting my resignation. He thinks he is the best employer, blah, blah, blah. So if you get a chance and God lays it on your heart, would you please just pray. Pray that I can conduct myself in a manner that is honoring my Lord. I feel so much anxiety when I am there and so defensive some times things come out of my mouth that should not. I just want to finish the task that I came to do, and get all of his tax information together and be done!