Monday, October 11, 2010

When Was the Last Time.....

When was the last time you considered all that Jesus has done for you? When was He last transfigured before your eyes? Beth Moore asked that question in the video session 5 of Jesus the One and Only....

As the question has echoed in my mind....I thought about the scene in Heaven on that day so long Jesus was spit upon by the solders and flogged again and again...mocked....the very Son of God....and the angels expectantly waiting....any minute God would send them forth to right the gigantic wrongs being committed on the earth that day....and they waited....and they waited.....what kind of God would allow all that happened that day to His only son.........

The kind of God that loves you and me so much...He wrote us a love letter...and calls us Beautiful.....He listens from Heaven for us to speak His name....never too busy....never grows tired....never sleeps......always ready to hear and that's true love!

Awed by His mercy and grace,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Seven Giveaways

Nault's Nook is hosting seven spectacular giveaways! You have got to go over and check out her Fall-Tacular giveaways! From a $200 Visa Gift Card to a Kitchenaid Standing mixer.....these giveaways are great! I've entered to win the gift card here, the mixer here, and some cute vases that I would use in my daughter's wedding here! Just go check out her blog to enter all of these giveaways.....Nault's Nook Blog!