Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I want to stay here...

So I started this new bible study a week ago with a group of ladies at church. It is a Beth Moore study, Stepping UP. And to quote Beth, "The way up with GOD is DOWN". To explain this, we have been encouraged to find time EVERY DAY to go down on our FACE before God. What an experience! The difference in perspective...who HE is and who I am in HIS sight. What a change! I love JESUS!
I also have a new motto that I want to hang on my wall.....a friend had a baby and she has this painted and hung above her daughter's bed..."I've met my Prince and his name is Daddy" I thought that was pretty cute but during this study we were reminded what a Prince we have in Jesus. I want to paint it and put it there to see every day....I've been searching and searching and my Prince has been there waiting all along.....you see, I've met MY PRINCE....and HIS name is JESUS!

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