Saturday, February 11, 2012

La Helicopter or La Boat

Stepping out in Faith or Waiting upon the do you know when to do what? As I struggle with decisions in my life, I often think of the story of the guy caught in his home as the flood waters rose. He climbed upon his roof and asked God to save him. First came the boat, then the helicopter. The man choose to be rescued by neither as he wait upon the Lord. Eventually he drowned and went to Heaven. There he questioned God why He did not deliver him. God's response was that HE sent a boat and a helicopter but the man refused each.

As I think of that story, I wonder how many boats and helicopters I have missed while waiting for something I expected to be different? How many times have I prayed for God's will to be done and still expected Him to answer my way? Convicting thought as I ponder my past.

I also see where God provides options. Given the choice between the helicopter and the boat rescue, I would have chosen the helicopter to soar above the flood waters than trudging along in the water. But to have received the helicopter option, the boat would have to have been passed.

How often am I too quick to seek the fastest, easiest response to my questions? While these options work, they are not always the best. Sometimes I see a better opportunity later if I had only waited. What a true blessing to wait on the Lord to overwhelm me with His love and blessings. Then, I know it is HIM and not me making the decisions.

Stepping out in Faith or Waiting on the Lord...much to ponder as I continue this journey called Life bound for the Promised Land....

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