Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Legacy

Live, Laugh, Love

Not quite two years ago God finally answered a prayer from my heart. This prayer began sometime in my little girl life. It morphed through the years until in my forties it became at times a desperate plea and others a whisper barely spoken...Father, what about me?
In all my years of praying, I never realized what the answer would look like. I never dreamed it so well. I still cannot fathom He loves me this much. And I often stare my unworthiness right in the face. I am truly humbled by His mercy and grace...His relentless pursuit. No matter matter how matter how many times....He never gives up.
Yesterday I was once again amazed and delighted as He spoke directly to me. For weeks now I have drug myself along this life feeling so discouraged and stressed...wondering where I am strayed from the path...knowing what I was feeling was not His will, not His plan....Why? Why? Why?
I finally gave up my struggle and released all my "rights" and said "Okay, Lord not my will but Thine" no more complaining....I am done and I am sorry and it's okay. Just show me how....
As I gave up the struggle, God began to speak in my heart and the words that are the theme of my marriage began to echo across my heart once again.  When my husband and I married just a year and some months ago, we decorated our kitchen with the Live, Laugh, Love theme...and we have truly LIVEd BIG......we have shared SO MUCH LAUGHter....and I LOVE him SO MUCH and feel LOVEd like never before in my life. 
In the midst of it all, we experienced another crisis...a gut wrenching, heartbreaking crisis...and yet God spoke to me smack in the middle and whispered.....Live, Laugh, Love....what will you leave behind?  What are you going to do? He encouraged....Live, Laugh, Love I knew it was Him and I smiled in agreement.....
And then I was able to attend a funeral with my husband and I was so God spoke audibly to me in the words of the Pastor at the funeral....His message concerning His child who had passed... Live, Laugh, Love....what will your legacy be?
Praise You Father!! No other words...just Praise YOU Father.....
Awed by His mercy and grace,


On a Journey said...

Just love your blog, thanks so very much for sharing from your heart. Live, laugh and love so awesome to live by.

Kara said...

I love the saying live, laugh, love. Thanks for sharing.
Kara obs group leader