Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lessons from Life.....

God is truly an amazing God. I love when He shows up Big and Real. When the girls were small my prayer was for God to reveal Himself to them in everyday life lessons. I wanted their relationship with Him to blossom for He is reliable, I am not. he is perfect. I am not. He is all knowing. I am not. He can and will go with them everywhere. I cannot.
My favorite story of God truly at work came unexpectedly one day. Shanna had misplaced her retainer and knew it was costly to replace. I cannot remember if I even knew the retainer was misplaced. I remember on the way home just a short ways from our actual driveway, Shanna spied a pencil on the ground and ask if she could get out and pick it up. Since it was so close to home, I agreed and allowed her to walk the rest of the way home. She excitedly arrived to tell me that God put that pencil there to show her where she had lost her retainer. The retainer was lying on the ground right by the pencil. She knew it was God because she had prayed and asked that He show her.
Her reliance and trust in Him grew that day and so did mine. Love it when He shows up....
Awed by His mercy and grace,

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