Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Whatever God says Do, Do it!

Have you ever been in that place where you heard God speak and tell you something to do and you listened and obeyed? Then you know the sense of awe and amazement, the wonder of being the hands and feet of Jesus.
I was able to witness God's remarkable love yesterday. A dear friend of mine whom I have known only a short time was given a gift of a book yesterday. The giver had purchased the book for a reason unbeknown to her. The book arrived yesterday just when she encountered my friend in a tender moment of need. The book is a wealth of information on the subject at hand. God filled the need and answered the questions my friend has struggled with for I don't know how long.  He is an amazing God!
I had a situation which seemed negative and forced me to go to a business at a time when I didn't have time. Yet in line ahead of me was someone who needed hope and encouragement. I found myself in a conversation I do not remember how started. Yet as I left that business I knew I had encountered one of those God ordained moments.
He is real and alive and walking among us today. Look and see and be a part of what HE is doing...don't miss the opportunity!!
Awed by God's amazing love and grace,

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